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 Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone noticed the blog already. I decided to leave keep my blog like this until it gets resolved. They are already debating on it atm. Anyway, for tribute to GLBT Community. I have a little download for yous. I just need to take 3 more photos.

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I'll upload this tomorrow, the file is ready it's just I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo tired from work that I am too lazy to finish editing the pictures so shit. Night night world...
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Eh, I'm gonna upload this tomorrow too lazy to do it today.

I gotta mesh a cig so shit >:I might wait till I finish meshing the shit and blah blah blah...

Anyway, Preview :DD

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Higher than a street light, floating like a parachute!
Okie so I'm listening to Paul Wall and looked up some poses from Paul Wall, Lil Wayne, Jeffree Star, Tech N9ne, and Cory Gunz...

So I'm actually making a pose packs with the pictures I found. >W< I haven't touched milkshape in a while xD...

Anyway, Here's a preview:

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Ok uh just discard the title, I'm hyper now right now, because I just had my coffee for the day and I'm listening to the remix of roman's revenge with lil wayne in it. Now, to the WIP 8)...

Alright, just some basic long sleeves but I like skinny/skin tight long sleeve shirts kinda like spandex long sleeve shirts, but I'm making 2 versions...

Now this one I was watching a move and the guy had the sleeves over his hands so I was like "O-O I'm making that shit!" so yeah that's the first version...

Now this one I saw when I woke up and went shopping and I saw a dude at the store wearing a shirt like that (Yes I was at walmart at 2am in the morning >:3) these are done actually I just need put them in game and take pics. Also, I am gonna add logos to these some time this before this week is over, "bleh" I hate plain shirts at times >w<


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