Jun. 30th, 2011

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I got like a very hateful message today (really isn't shocked) some body is mad because I always leave this behind:

To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Ok ONE reason I leave that in my downloads because I know how the Sims community changed from Sims 2 when it was all about helping each other get better and to make it fun for other people to play...

That has changed, these days people act like this is your job, which it's not. I got one thing to say to the people that do this 24/7 to other creators not just me, We share our creations and I know half of us do not make our things for donations, We don't HAVE to share what we have made nor do we have to sit here and waste time fixing a little bug in one of our meshes, makeup, eyes, clothes, ect. We do this for fun sometimes and to make others happy. Just because we don't take enough pictures or explain everything in detail like we should. It is still up to you to decide if you want to download it, One thing that everyone needs to get in their head is "The Sims 3 Is not perfected" like only a few months ago somebody learned how to make custom poses and make a tool which allows us to use them in game. He/She did not have to do any of that so be thankful we share our creations no matter how un-perfect they they may be or no matter how we get lazy and don't want to post all the specs of it.

Your the ones that are lazy that rely on pictures to see whether its good or not, just put it in the game and if you like it then keep it, if not then delete it. It's not permanent...

I thank the people that do give us some credit for our effort to make this stuff not matter if it's free or donation only.

Alright that's enough of my ranting, Time for me to go back to work on the new stuffies I'm making rofl =w= (Don't you just hate glitches? rofl)


Jun. 30th, 2011 03:31 am
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Oxidise: I want to be black

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Ok uh just discard the title, I'm hyper now right now, because I just had my coffee for the day and I'm listening to the remix of roman's revenge with lil wayne in it. Now, to the WIP 8)...

Alright, just some basic long sleeves but I like skinny/skin tight long sleeve shirts kinda like spandex long sleeve shirts, but I'm making 2 versions...

Now this one I was watching a move and the guy had the sleeves over his hands so I was like "O-O I'm making that shit!" so yeah that's the first version...

Now this one I saw when I woke up and went shopping and I saw a dude at the store wearing a shirt like that (Yes I was at walmart at 2am in the morning >:3) these are done actually I just need put them in game and take pics. Also, I am gonna add logos to these some time this before this week is over, "bleh" I hate plain shirts at times >w<

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Made it home from work, WOO an extra $400 in my pocket 8D. I had these already done it's just that I had to get ready for work earlier so I didn't post them. I didn't have time to type some shit and then get ready for work so I was like "They can wait for my shit" rofl. Anyway, texture and mesh by aikea_guniea's I just re-did the alpha and the map so there ya's go. Now, back tot he damn skin I'm working on.

Fuck me, I'm a celebrity!

btw Jeffree Star is the shit xD

<.< >.> y'all did not hear that!

To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Credits: Aikea Guniea and me...
Work for only Young Adult / Adult Males...
Is not a default replacement...
Aikea Guniea's mesh is required for this to work, here...
Tested with game patch- 1.22

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Okie so I am totally bored now, I think I'm gonna head to bed or talk on the phone while I play tekken or infamous >w<. But I thought I'd post my newest sim along with the photoshop edit <.< >.>.

Name: George Porter
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

My DP for imvu:



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