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2018-11-12 05:56 pm
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Please read this post thoroughly as this post holds important information.

I create what I feel that I need, or what I think the public might like. I do NOT take requests in what to create. I am EXTREMELY lazy when taking pictures, do not leave a bad comment on my post about insufficient pictures, they will be deleted. I also tend to leave smart remarks, or some what "Rude" responses. That's just how I am don't like it, then oh well. I create for me and put it up and see if anyone else likes, don't get in your head that I'm making this for you, because I'm not.


Frequently Asked Questions )

Contact Info... )

My Banner:
Ex made me a banner for dreamwidth. Ty Omar <3

Please upload to your own host, link it to:

Enjoy my creations...
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2011-11-29 12:37 pm
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[TS3] Broken Glass Contacts

More info and Download here.
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2011-11-25 01:23 am


 dreamwidth is so boring now @_@ SO LIVEJOURNAL BITCH


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2011-11-13 08:38 am
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NOH8 Face Paint ~ Support the GLBT Community!

Support the NOH8 Campaign, stand up for equal rights within the GLBT Community. More info about the campaign here.

To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Credits: NOH8 Campaign & Me...
Ages: Teen - ElderGender: Male & Female
The package includes a left & right cheek option.
This is not recolorable!
Tested with Base Game Patch: 1.28

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2011-11-12 07:58 pm
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NOH8 Face Paint - WIP

 Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone noticed the blog already. I decided to leave keep my blog like this until it gets resolved. They are already debating on it atm. Anyway, for tribute to GLBT Community. I have a little download for yous. I just need to take 3 more photos.

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2011-11-10 11:02 pm
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Finally, a fucking upload. I got a new computer, costs about $3298. These are all raw snapshots. No editing, DON'T DARE SAY IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT IN GAME BECAUSE IT DOES BISHES.  Anyway, enjoy & thank you for giving me 1.2 Million downloads, also 9 Million visits.

To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Credits: Peggy and me...
Ages: Teen - Elder
Gender: Male & Female (Didn't bother taking pictures of the females, since I don't use girls in my game).
This replaced Peggy's original texture.
Original included.
Tested with Base Game Patch: 1.28

I'll upload the control map preview, later.

Download DROPBOX

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2011-10-08 04:55 am

e _ e wow

Okay, sorry for lack of updates. I finally moved into my own apartment (I hate houses e.e), so i will do updates in a while or so. I've been working and also making extra money on IMVU using my DP skills and my layout developing skills. I'm focused right now on getting extra money in my pocket. So this might take a while.

Here is a little something to look at:

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2011-10-02 01:09 pm


My sister so I did this one with no charge.

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2011-09-28 09:10 am

Virus, Virus go away and come back another day....

One of my 'used to be' friends sent me a OpenCloud virus because I am friends with his ex. Dumb reason to get mad but oh well. For now I think I completely removed the virus, I deleted everything from it in the 'App Data', 'User Profile', and from the registry. Just recently like wiped everything off my hard drive and shit so i gotta redownload shit - . -. 32 GB worth of shit to get back so it may take a while. Also I'm getting real attached to mmorpgs so it may take longer than 3 days so i'll extend it to 5 >8D!

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2011-09-22 03:12 am

Photo Playing...

You are 18, you grow up so fast.
Love you sis <3

I'm up on mic with my sister and our friend. I am waiting for the party tonight even though it is like 4:18A.M., I was playing some Sims, took some fucked up dull shots using some lighting shit in the game @ _ @. yeaaaaaaaaaaah this shit looks like fucking crap.


Dumb shit under the cut... )
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2011-09-21 10:42 pm

Re-doing some things, WELL SORTA ~ DONE!

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2011-09-16 05:12 pm

Blah blah, FU for all the hating bitches behind a computer ;3

   It's funny people say shit behind a computer, as-well as talk shit. I can care less what you 'virtual bitches' say about me. I'm gonna keep doing what I want to do. I'm getting tired of you mutts talking shit, and it's funny. You talk the shit on the 'My Sims 3 Blog' xD wow to scared to do it on the blog.

   All I gotta say to all you that are actually hating on a stupid-ass name is "Fuck You". Said it and I mean it, so shut the fuck up and I'll do my thing and you do your thing...
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2011-09-16 02:43 am
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アイス静脈 - Sims 3 Contacts

I'm pretty sure that someone is gonna ask about the name so here:

アイス静脈 = Iced Vein

The name came from my boyfriend, the contacts are actually my RL (real life) contacts I bought and wear 24/7. The Sim came from a song a was listening @ _ @.

To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Credits: Me & Nikko (my bf) <3...
Work for all ages and both genders
Changable Whites
3 Color Channels
Tested with game patch- 2.17

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2011-09-13 05:30 pm
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Lapiz Hair Mesh #5 Retexture

Finally a upload @ _ @, anyway some basic shit. Uploading more stuff (hopefully) this weekend. My new texture x.x hope to get some critiques on it...


To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Credits: Lapiz and me...
Ages: Teen - Elder Males only...
This does not replace Lapiz's original texture, original is needed for this to work....
Original not included, download here...
Tested with game patch- 2.17

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2011-09-06 04:02 pm

Scene not dead...

Yeeaaaaaaaaaaah i've been gone like hell xD. I just like got bored as fuck with sims period so I've been doing some things in rl and stuff. I got me some contacts like a bitch and a shirt saying "I suck like a vacuum", which is my own design. I'll post some shit sometime this month or next month but for sure for holloween xD...
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2011-08-23 12:34 pm

Body Beautiful!

Just some quotes I did...

Beauty comes from within, what ever the mind can conceive and believe you will achieve greatness!

Every Body is beautiful in their own way, carry yourself as the queen and you will attract the king
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2011-08-18 01:26 pm
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다정하고 달콤한 - Sims 2 Download

Been inactive for a few weeks, going on a month. I had to lay Sims 3 to the side for a while, it's getting very very VERY boring. Today, I bring a new Sims 2 download, but it's only available at the SimsCave. So if you want it, it's at the SimsCave. 6 Shades, one was personally made for one of my Sims which is the green one, so I decided to go ahead and throw it in there.

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2011-08-17 09:22 am

Remodeling AGAIN ~ Done!

DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got tired of dark colors... DON'T GET SEIZURES BISH NUGGETS :DD

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2011-08-13 07:43 pm

<.< >.> Still here!!! ~

I AM NOT DEAD <.< >.> -throws party-, on to the questions I got on simscave (I didn't feel like messaging the individuals so shit). Users are being kept anonymous

Q: Not sure if this correct, but are you Gelydh from IMVU? I just noticed the screen name in your posts. Anywho, can I just say how much I adore your creations. They are the highest quality stuff that I've ever purchased. I know you've said you don't do requests, but will you consider making some of your stuff for Sims 3?

A: Yesh, I am Gelydh from IMVU. I actually haven't touched Sims 3 in about 2 months, I'm not saying that I have quit Sims just been lazy and what not to look through the shit I got and decide which one to make public, BUT I will still post some more Sims 3 stuff, depends on when my A.D.D. will stop kicking in and making me hog up Sims 2 =w=...

Q: I love your custom content. I need a help. Can you tell me how to match body skintone with face skintone to have the same even tone. I have photoshop CS4, I tried to adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness to no avail. :-( Thanks man. Have a pleasant day!!

A: usually I open up the tone I want to match and then do the simple following: Image > Adjustments > Match Color... At least that's how I do it myself, I'm pretty sure I didn't explain shit right *CURSE YOU A.D.D.* but it's a simple photoshop trick. I think the tutorial is on youtube I think, just type in "How to match tones in Photoshop CS4"

anyway I'll be uploading some more sims 2 shit and I am not dead so yeah. <.< >.> now back to the story me and my friend are doing


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2011-08-05 08:12 am

Conceal this, bitch!

Me and my Diva's rofl. xD

Me, Shay, Ken!