Sep. 16th, 2011

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I'm pretty sure that someone is gonna ask about the name so here:

アイス静脈 = Iced Vein

The name came from my boyfriend, the contacts are actually my RL (real life) contacts I bought and wear 24/7. The Sim came from a song a was listening @ _ @.

To lazy to take more pictures, use your imagination. Don't like it, don't download it.

Credits: Me & Nikko (my bf) <3...
Work for all ages and both genders
Changable Whites
3 Color Channels
Tested with game patch- 2.17

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   It's funny people say shit behind a computer, as-well as talk shit. I can care less what you 'virtual bitches' say about me. I'm gonna keep doing what I want to do. I'm getting tired of you mutts talking shit, and it's funny. You talk the shit on the 'My Sims 3 Blog' xD wow to scared to do it on the blog.

   All I gotta say to all you that are actually hating on a stupid-ass name is "Fuck You". Said it and I mean it, so shut the fuck up and I'll do my thing and you do your thing...


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