Jul. 21st, 2011

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I swear I was crying though this whole movie, but it was too short. They've could have added more detail into the story. I remember when movies "used" to be like 4 or 5 hours long, now those were the days. Anyway, back to the story. Emily Osment, played her role pretty good. The crying looked real to me, now when she got snobby at some points. It was just like wow, let me slap that bitch! xD So real and they do have a point. Can't take the internet away from people these days, it's just this generation's of teens & kids can't be without internet (I can bu yeah). Contacting the site's host and "if" you know the bully's internet service provider then you can get them shut down like that. I could see that i guess the camera men were probably holding the cameras their self, some of the camera movements were shaky I could see.

My rate <.< >.> it gets a 10 for me, because I love drama movies that focus on real time problems so yeah...


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