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Been inactive for a few weeks, going on a month. I had to lay Sims 3 to the side for a while, it's getting very very VERY boring. Today, I bring a new Sims 2 download, but it's only available at the SimsCave. So if you want it, it's at the SimsCave. 6 Shades, one was personally made for one of my Sims which is the green one, so I decided to go ahead and throw it in there.

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Yay, 2 Sims downloads. Okay, thank you for your patience... I counted the votes for my poll I posted you can read the full post here... I would update early in the fucking morning on Monday lol. Anyway these are my textures (Yes mine). All I ask is that you do not copy or use them in your creations. Actions are by Pooklet. So I did the latest hair at Anto's site also an old one which i made for a Nicki Minaj Sim. Meshes not included.

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I was able to shy a moment from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood to upload this, it has been ready to upload for about a week and a half now. The mesh is included (My internet is being a dick head, so I was not able to access anto's site). [personal profile] pooklet 's textures but I edited them to look the part. So I have not made any good models for my hair these days so I had to really make this one look great (It has to be sexy also in control). Anyway enjoy the download and fucking comment so I know I'm not making a complete jack ass out of myself...

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Well, I finally got off my lazy ass and took some pictures even though with a lot of drama going on in my life I have finally been able to get back to sims. I might not going to be on all this week do to personal life issues. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is coming out tomorrow and I'm getting it at midnight tonight so I won't be on tomorrow or the rest of this week...

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Hello, I made this while listening to TLC- Scrubs. These are [personal profile] pooklet's textures, I just modified them to make them shiny and different than what everyone uses...

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