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Please read this post thoroughly as this post holds important information.

I create what I feel that I need, or what I think the public might like. I do NOT take requests in what to create. I am EXTREMELY lazy when taking pictures, do not leave a bad comment on my post about insufficient pictures, they will be deleted. I also tend to leave smart remarks, or some what "Rude" responses. That's just how I am don't like it, then oh well. I create for me and put it up and see if anyone else likes, don't get in your head that I'm making this for you, because I'm not.


- Do not use parts of my creations for your project unless stated in that particular post giving you permission.
- Do not take requests.
- Do not re-upload my things to other sites.
- Do not leave bad comments.
- Suggestions are welcomed.
- Do not use my hair textures.


Q: Can you put up a tutorial on how to blend skins?
A: Learned from Garden of Shadows and here...

Q: WCIF ___?
A: I'll try and answer, but my memory is bad. No promises I know where I got the object from...

Q: Post more women downloads!
A: I barely use female Sims so when I start using them I'll post something...

Q: Can I make one of your default skins as non-default?
A: Sure, just link back to the original post and give credit to the creators mentioned...

Q: What program do you use to make textures/skins/object textures/ect...?
A: Photoshop CS5 Extended...

Q: Are you Gelydh from "Club Crimsyn"?
A: No I am Gelydh from "IMVU"...

Q: One of your links are broken!
A: PM me or leave a comment and I'll fix it...

Q: Are you a girl?
A: No, I'm a boy...

Q: Are you gay or straight?
A: You are not gonna know that that is just tmi...

Will add more later...


Message me using Dreamwidth, or leave a comment on one of my posts...

My Banner:
Ex made me a banner for dreamwidth. Ty Omar <3

Please upload to your own host, link it to:

Enjoy my creations...


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